J&G Innes (a.k.a. “The Citizen Shop”) is a bookshop in St Andrews with a rich history spanning over 3 centuries. It was bought by the Innes firm in 1927 after John Innes, founder of the St Andrews Citizen newspaper, purchased the printing and publishing business of the Tullis family in 1879. The Tullis family also had deep ties with the University having, among many other things, made donations to Mathematics prizes.

Prior to its purchase, the building once housed Baillie Bell, co-worker of Alexander Wilson (one of the first type-founders in Scotland, and recognized in astronomy for his observatory work on sunspots) and John Baine (credited by some to have owned the Philadelphia type-foundry in which the dollar-sign [$] was first cast in the 1790’s).

This bookshop was the first in Scotland to use a printing process involving amalgams of noble metals – the newest printing innovation of the early 1900’s .