The small seaside town of St Andrews on the east coast of Scotland boasts a large, rich history in mathematics. From contributions to the study of Infinity and Logic, to the production of the first calotype portrait in Scotland, many revolutionary ideas within the world of mathematics were born in this town.

The Mathematically Curious St Andrews tour takes you around St Andrews to visit 31 iconic sites, each with an interesting story behind it. It covers sites such as St Salvator’s college, where John Maior was the provost for nearly 20 years, as well as a dynamic model of the solar system known as The Orrery.

The tour delves into the people and the ideas that have shaped the world into what we know it as now. Whether you’re walking around St Andrews on foot, or want to view the place from afar on a screen, the Mathematically Curious St Andrews tour is perfect if you want to learn about the town’s roots that have made it what it is today.