This tour and website are the result of the 2021 Summer Team Enterprise Programme (STEP) project Mathematically Curious St Andrews. Sponsored by the School of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews, the aim of this 2-month long project was to explore the rich mathematical history of St Andrews, while also developing skills such as decision-making and leadership through the STEP programme. This project was worked on by an interdisciplinary team consisting of the following 13 undergraduate students:

Ritwik Anand

Joel Beckles

Mohak Misra

Bronte Stones

Alisz Reed

Yassine Bchir

Yansong Li

Jessica McClure

Shreyas Jekki Venkateshwarulu

Piotr Kaniewski

Nishithe Welandawe

Daniel Fierer

Di Liu

This project would not have been possible without the wonderful support of our sponsor Dr. Deborah Kent, as well as our coach Dr. Gerard O’Reilly. Whether you are walking the tour in person or enjoying a virtual tour experience, we hope you learn something new about the mathematical history of St Andrews!